We believe customer success and employee job satisfaction is our success.
We don't hire people who only need a job; we hire people who are passionate about technology, willing to work in challenging environment, dedicated, wanted to do great work and grow their careers to become future architects and business leaders.
Life At QualMinds
We truly value our people by putting them first. Our people are everything to us; people who work here are smart and genuine.
Work-Life Balance
Work-life balance is a vital part of
QualMinds culture. We work very hard,
but we make it a point to ensure there is
always a balance and that everyone feels
free to prioritize accordingly.
Continuous Learning
We believe a lifetime of learning is
fundamental to growth. This belief is at the
core of our culture.
Freedom and Responsibility
Our principle is always given freedom to
our people and make sure they are
accountable to the work assigned and
responsible for making our clients
Open Communication
We encourage our teams to share
information openly, broadly and
Happy Hour
We make time for fun! Every Friday at 5
PM, we convene to try whatever's new
on tap, hang out, and socialize. Board
Games, we play every day!
Team Collaboration
We learn from each other, we solve
problems together, and we break the
barrier's together. Because we believe the team
collaboration is the basic mantra of today's
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